Resident evil 7: Biohazard

Capcom once again brings to you a version of the people’s favourite zombie game and this time its RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD with a twist that was not launched in any of the previous versions as the previous versions were action oriented but this time the game is horror based. The game is a first person cam area and one to look out for.

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The game revolves around the character Ethan Winter who in search of his wife fights the Baker family. Though Ethan is a civilian with few combat skills, he still makes his way through using various tools and weapons like shotguns, pistols, handguns, explosives and chainsaws.
On his way he also has to solve some puzzles and fight a bacteria known as MOLDED.


Developer(s)– Capcom
Publisher(s)– Capcom
Director(s)– Koshi Nakanishi
Producer(s)-Masachika Kawata, Tsuyoshi Kanda
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox One
Release : January 2017
Genre(s) : Survival horror

My Reviews

Resident evil 7 is so far the best zombie game to come. The one and only game of Resident Evil that has a finish is this. The character moves 180 degree quickly to cover the area and quickly kill the zombies.. All i can say is that every zombie game lover love the story and will fall for this game.

Ratings – 8.5/10
Trailer rating -9/10





Softwares – Direct X 9 +,C++ redistribute
Ram – 8 Gb
Windows – win 7 64 bit or later
Cpu processor – i5 -2400 3.1 Ghz
Disk space – 25GB


Softwares – Direct X 11 +,C++ redistribute
Ram – 16Gb
Windows – win 8 64 bit or later
Cpu processor – i7 2600k
Disk space – 25GB


Cheat Codes

Infinite ammo
Successfully complete the game on the Madhouse difficulty to get unlimited ammunition.

X-Ray Glasses
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty in under four hours to unlock the X-Ray Glasses, which improve your character’s vision with permanent Psychostimulant effect. You can add it to your inventory from the item box when you reload a save or start a new game.
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