For those who didn’t read my last post on PES 18, i would like to tell that PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 18 was to be released on 12 SEPTEMBER, 2017. But it may be delayed due to the recent events that took place namely THE TRANSFER OF NEYMAR JR. from BARCELONA to PSG. In the recent transfers PSG made a offer to NEYMAR JR. he couldn’t reject and moved from BARCELONA to PARIS SAINT GERMAIN.

Due to the latest contract of BARCELONA with PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER TEAM, this edition i.e, PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 18 was themed around FC BARCELONA. The cover, the menu, the main team ..all was supposed to be FC BARCELONA and as one of the most important player of BARCELONA just moved to PSG., the whole game has to be changed. If you look at the cover NEYMAR JR. is right in the center but …NO MORE !! Really sad 🙁

The deadly trio that was amazing to play with will be missed…The game will go under many changes .. such as CHANGE OF COVER, NEYMAR JR. in PSG dress and CHANGE OF BARCA TEAM. A special edition known as BARCELONA EDITION was also made for PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 18 and that would also need modifications. Though nothing yet can be confirmed as KONAMI producer of PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER might or might not make these changes and only introduce them in PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 19. Though for the fans of PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER and BARCELONA it is a bad news after all ;(

The same might even happen in FIFA 18 as that game has also not released yet and might be introduced after those changes but it won’t take FIFA that much effort as they only need to change NEYMAR’s team and dresses as the cover this time is CRISTIANO RONALDO … but in the end as NEYMAR himself says ..”He likes challenges and is ready to play PSG“.

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