BLUE WHALE- The game currently destroying the internet with a gameplay that has never been experienced before. Its the very first of its type. The game is released in several countries and has till now even caused deaths of many people.

The game consists of a series of tasks to be accompalished within a period of 50 days. The player proceeds only if he completes the first tasks. The game is designed in a very dangerous manner requiring the player to harm himself in different ways and ultimately in the last level asking the player to jump off the roof in order to complete the game.

blue whale
One of the tasks

The players that play this game are named as CHALLENGERS and the maker of the game is ADMINISTRATOR. The tasks are directly given to challenger by the administrator. The tasks include some SELF-MUTILATION tasks such a carving a phase on the hand. Some of the other tasks are doing secret tasks, poking a needle to the arm or leg, standing on a bridge and roof, listening to music, and watching videos sent to the challengers by the administrator.


The game is designed in a manner that it deals with the player’s psychology and makes him harm himself. The game has been made by a former psychology student PHILIPP BUDEIKIN who was expelled from his university and when asked about the motive behind the making of the game .. he replied that he wanted fo finish all of the useless people on earth as only the people who don’t have anything to do will play this game and harm themselves in order to complete some bullshit game.

Philipp Budeikin the maker of BLUE WHALE

The game has so far lead to deaths of many by commiting suicide and also the maker of the game PHILIPP BUDEIKIN has been arrested and pled guilty to inciting at least 16 girls ( that are known, other than that there are many) to commit suicide !!!



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