GAMING is life not just for me but for thousands of people out there that can relate to nothing other than gaming.With The Gaming locker, I bring the world of gaming to your home, to your screen. What do you think about when you hear the word ‘gaming’? Now imagine all of that accessible with just one click. Well, I just made that a reality for you!!

I am a gamer. Not because I don’t have a life, but because I choose to have many. 


              GAMING LOCKER

Exclusive reviews, demos, updates, and news on all your favorite PC and CONSOLE gaming franchises, all condensed for you at one place. Enjoy gaming as it is meant to be by being in contact with the advanced and dependable people. Here at GAMING LOCKER you are actually able to do that, so stop thinking and act because FAILURE DOESN’T MEAN GAME OVER IT MEANS TRY GAIN WITH EXPERIENCE.


In the hectic maelstrom of everyday life, doing something fun and familiar can be a huge stress reliever. And gaming gives you that, along with the opportunity to look and feel realities beyond your own; to create a new identity and deal with the challenges of multiple other lives in the one you’ve got.  Encounter heartfelt stories, and realities which can be brutal, shocking, adventurous, fun. Unveil secrets of a new universe, become wise beyond your years, explore abandoned cities and salvage humanity. If you enjoy gaming, don’t let your passion slide under the blanket of “higher priorities”. Experience the thrill! ESCAPE REALITY AND PLAY GAMES.

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